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WHy Create a blog???

I feel  a blog is where I can be able to write and also gain the opinions of others as to whether I should do this or not. We all have something to say that may just be what someone needs to hear at that moment. Sometimes we find ourselves holding back just because maybe we are not that social or we may have some inhibitions, which may actually be really stupid…

Communication is a link between worlds and so in whatever form it comes we need to make use of it.

So I was #justthinking that I think a lot but also I forget a lot. Its actually a bit funny and frustrating. Then why not share those thoughts and get feedback.

So did I really need to create a blog???


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This generation, and the next…

The habits, the direction, the Cycle have changed.

A new age is born.

The age of ease, lethargy, speed-the fast life

Indeed we are enjoying the advantages at the expense of the disadvantages we choose not to notice or acknowledge.

This generation is the generation of ease : easy gains-that’s what we want.

Children of nowadays don’t respect.

The youth of nowadays are lazy.

Children of nowadays don’t appreciate what they have.

Among others…

Well it hurts but it’s mostly true

We are a generation of shortcuts, time managers, internet etc

We save time for the important stuff which we really don’t care about so we don’t really do;well

We want to make everything easy. Everyone wants to be the one to make things easier better..

And so we have electrical egg boiler, dish washers, battery operated tooth brush idk to make everything easier.

But is it always better?

At what cost do we sacrifice the old ways?

Because the greatest harm can come from a good intention.

Patience is an old word for some. Hardwork is a long road for others. They take the shortcuts. Thinking that their strength will magically develop when they are faced with the consequences of bad choices.

How we just wait for everything to be delivered to us.. Then set schedules to go for walk(which procrastinators forget)

The natural way merges with everything but then we split everything and end up finding time to do them.

How scary will the coming generations be?

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Something I love

This is just kind of a poem about diaries that I love a lot. Here goes:

People wonder why someone will collect diaries?

To me, diaries are beautiful

And they are records.

Actually they are memories that are beautiful

They are lessons that we learnt

They are feelings that are hidden-hidden in plain sight-

They bring you close – not to someone else-but to yourself

Who you are

Your dreams, aspirations, your pains, regrets, happiness.

All those extraordinary and beautiful /sad memories that are all you.

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Mother Earth(what’s your responsibility?)

It’s extremely sad what is becoming of our world cause of our very own actions.

Is the plan to destroy the earth and run to Mars?

Is that really possible.

We have the best planet for human survival yet we take it for granted. Now we are thinking about making another planet suitable for habitation.

What’s to say that we will not do worse there. Since it’s the same rotten treatment that some of us give to mother earth that we will extend there.

What’s to say that we even know the problem nor its repercussions.

For believe me some of us are ignorant: ignorant that the earth is sick and needs repairs.

Some hear about globalwarming, climate change, plastic pollution, deforestation etc and it feels like a rhyme in their ears. Like something that is heard from afar, that does not affect them.

So why do we lie to ourselves?

Or maybe the root is that we had No-one to instill in us the habit of environmental protection or maybe we had no good example.

This post was triggered by a sad event I witnessed today:

Coming back from work, I was walking behind a primary school girl(who I really didn’t notice until she just dumped a half empty bottle of sobolo drink in the middle of the pathway. I called her out but she just sulked off after her grandmother (who I had just noticed walking Infront of her). Whether she had heard my statements I don’t know

Yet this makes me wonder what example we are really setting for our children for them to teach our children’s children.

How on earth wil global warming slow down when the generation after us is proving to be worse than us.

I cry for mother earth and I pity the human race. We are our own enemies.

In the efforts to save the earth, the least you can do is be a good example for someone to emulate. Teach your children. Teachers take this seriously, not just part of the curriculum because this is really happening.

The world’s waste is forever growing. lmagine a world where plastic remains our companion for years. No place free of plastic waste…

If this is not a happy image, then the time to act is now

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Breaking points(rethinking some priorities)

Sometimes you feel stretched. Stretched to the extreme. Just like an elastic band..

We stretch to accommodate novelty, to accommodate new responsibilities and most of all to accommodate change.

This is because we live in an ever changing world where change affects us even if we stay put.

We are always in the process of fitting and refitting as time goes by.

These changes might strike differently based on a number of factors: such as who we are and or where we are in life.

It might even happen that a fish is taken out of the sea and asked to survive in the jungle (well, this is extreme and kinda of funny to imagine😁). But yes that’s what our world is, and has always been.

If we are the rubber  bands, we are meant to expand and discover possibilities, but sometimes we feel over stretched, overwhelmed and ready to break.

Life stretches us by giving us lemons: individual struggles(anxieties, depression-both mental and physical illnesses plague us), family issues, job issues etc.

On my mind today, I wonder what really is the breaking point.

For there’s the illusion of being at your final point, your breaking point, you could swear you heard a tear right in the fabric of your mind and spirit…(idiomatically)

Yet still, you go on

You are great, commendable, awesome!! I’m proud of you.

Keep moving.

But at what price will it be if you get to your breaking point?

Do we even need to wait to get to a point where our physical health or mental health is affected to think about our breaking points?

Has it gotten to the point where we have Misplaced our priorities? Or it’s just that this cutthroat world does not give us the chance to grow this thought?

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The Work-money cycle (is it forever?)

Good morning to y’all from Ghana, Africa! It’s been a while. I hope some good things have happened. And even with the bad times, I hope you are holding on tight.

Today’s thought is about appreciation and sufficiency.

This thought was born of of a video I watched this morning and I have tried to make sense of this: when do we say “enough”

The poor is working, the rich is working, the millionaire is working, the billionaire is working, even the trillionaire is still working to make more.

As humans, is there ever a time when we say enough and sit back and relax? Or is this vigorous cycle of work-make money a forever thing ?

In seeking to achieve our goals and progress, when do we say we have arrived and can finally lay back.

I see people who have big cars or houses still inspecting those of others, comparing and sizing up still wanting more.

Is it that we are never satisfied or just a manifestation of our taste for success?

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Why I love Kdrama

The moment I discovered kdrama, my world stopped for a mini micro second and gave a wow!

Yes, it was that great!

Have you ever experienced this feeling of finding something you never knew you were looking for?

That was how I felt. This was in university, the hub of discoveries

I have always been crazy about movies. I grew up watching Ghanaian and Nigerian movies, full of humour,life lessons, drama and so much more. Thus, it’s not very surprising.

It was one of those times when I carried my laptop all the way to my friends’ halls or hostels for films (believe me it’s looks like a business meeting , with laptops side by side and exchanging films) that I met kdrama.

My friend who happened to be my classmate had told me earlier in class that she had lots of movies to share and of course, I just had to get it. I couldn’t just take a pen drive, for the more the better.

So fast forward to that evening and I was having the laugh of my life. Practically rolling on my bed.

Well anything that makes me laugh is a keeper.

However, it wasn’t only about the drama and comedy, I discovered more. As compared to Ghanaian movies, I discovered the same elements I had grown up watching :love, action(all genres) in addition to the humour and yet all censored.

Kdrama offered me my childhood favs with a twist and different view that is Korean culture.

Koreans, same as Africans are very respectful and modest. The sceneries as rich and beautiful as African landscape.

The culture is also something that is so interesting. The foods like kimchi,lettuce wraps and the famous (ramyeon) noodles are definitely unforgettable.

The bonus was being presented a new language. For a language lover like me, I didn’t mind the subtitles at all. I kind of enjoy the two.

It also helps that I don’t have to change the screen whenever any children come close to the laptop. Kdrama is child friendly(hugely).I can enjoy it with anybody in my family. That is if they are interested.

All in all, I have found a lot of good things in Korean dramas that I hope to enjoy more of and of course initiate others into.

For the lucky one is the one who discovers a good thing and knows and values it.

I hope kdrama always stays original and refreshing.

#you can check out these titles I have enjoyed:

1. Princess hours

2.boys before flowers

Kill me heal me

4. Heartstrings

5. My boyfriend is a gumiho

6. Scarlet heart

7. Personal taste

8. Descendants of the sun

9. I hear your voice

10. Marriage before dating among others.

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The gift of laughter

I had a beautiful thought yesterday. I decided to hold on to this thought to share with you.

How beautiful is laughter! I wondered. I marveled actually.

I realized that in this existence of ours we have gotten used to a lot of things around us, such that we take them for granted.

I love being surprised by something old much more so than new things. Being surprised by these things give them a rebirth in our eyes.

You see when we open up our minds and hearts to look at things in a new light we learn appreciation.

Appreciation for the Creator(God). And also for the people around us. Consequently, when we appreciate we love more.

In this same view, I want to appreciate the smiles and laughter we have in our lives.

For in as much as it represents a gift from our creator, it’s also a representation of the people, the memories and the good times we have lived.

Seeing someone smile because of you is a blessed feeling. The smiles and laughter that we give and are given makes it a bit easier for our life journeys to continue.

In the end, let’s give smiles and laughter wherever we go, for a smile brightens a dark day and laughter is indeed the best medicine.



Picture above just because I’m more of a dog person(I don’t hate cats though) plus it’s cute😁

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Adult ing… Yaay or Naay

It’s all a fraud right?

What we have believed all throughout our childhood that

1. Adults have it good

2.Adults can do and buy whatever they want.

You tell me.

For I vividly remember this memory from my childhood. Haven been blessed with two mothers I had the privilege of enjoying both of their parenting styles. But my moms are twins and surprisingly or unsurprisingly, they are the kind who agree on almost everything…

One annoyingly frustrating thing they agreed on was that we shouldn’t be exposed to all TV contents that early in lives(my siblings and I). Watching TV was a special occasion or reward that rarely happened.

We would hear interesting sounds coming from the TV room but we couldn’t see. We used to lurk outside the door and windows just to catch a glimpse still to no avail because our moms were so committed to this rule to the extent that Windows and doors were slanted and curtains were drawn shut so we could hardly see anything.

We felt so frustrated and vowed to buy lots of TVs when we became adults. We thought adulting would solve all our problems and it will put some power in our hands.

There were even times that we managed to say it out loud for our moms to know what we had planned. All these sentences began with “When I grow up…”

Fast forward to now, I have a new line “childhood is the best stage of life”

Now, I can buy a TV if I wanted to. I can choose what I eat, wear or do but I have to work hard for it too. Moreover, responsibilities are real and keep growing.

I missed the times when I only had to study hard and get all other things catered for by my loving parents. To think that we thought studying was tiring and work…

If I was asked to say yaay or naay to one, you know what I’d say.


No more sleeping in, binge watching movies all day, no lectures, etc.

I miss those days. But I still know that life goes on. And with this in mind, let’s not forget this mantra:


To get to a place where you achieve all your inner child I wishes but still enjoy the relaxed life.

Others are doing it so don’t write it off. For adulting might not be a yaay right now but it gets better.

One step at a time

God by our side


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How sorry are you? (just sorry or really sorry?)

Growing up, we were kind of like clays being molded by our parents mainly, to become a befitting member of society. Hence, we were thought how to be polite and considerate… Generally how we can be able to survive society.

And ofcourse, we couldn’t skip learning the three magical words: please, sorry and thank you.

In whichever culture you grew up in I bet you will agree with me that these are the cornerstones of education. No matter the language, I’m sure these were some of your early lessons as a child.

In my part of the world, it’s no different. Africans place much importance on respect and this cannot be achieved without these all-time phrases.

In Ghana, we particularly love “please”. Which in the local language is “mepa wokyɛw”. Most sentences begin with this phrase as Ghanaians are extremely polite people.

There’s even a tribe that delivers insults with please. Mepa wokyɛw mese wo yɛ abia (meaning please you are an animal)

This shows how important these phrases are to certain cultures and society in general.

For these are very powerful words. And it’s indeed so, since we can’t go around dropping commands on everyone as if we own them. Neither can we go around not appreciating others for what they offer us, nor can we turn a blind eye to the mistakes we commit in respect to others. For humans as we are we juggle mistakes along with life.

How chaotic the world will be without these magical phrases.

But of course I’m not unaware of the fact that some people live their lives without magic for whatever reasons and society tags them as such.

Choosing to ignore or undermine these phrases for whatever reason: self-importantness(is this a word? ), remorselessness 🤔 well, you tell me from your experiences...

it’s therefore established that these phrases are powerfully humane and should be adapted and propagated in order to promote a well functioning society.

However do we always mean them?

Have you become a robotic human who just says these but never means them?

Do you say please with a sneer because you think you have to but not because you want to show respect and acknowledgement?

Do you say your thank yous under your breath, just because you really don’t feel it’s necessary?

Or most pressing, Is sorry your go to word when you just want to get on with things and not dwell on your mistakes and the way forward?

Do you realize that when you say sorry, à genuine sorry, it’s a promise you make to work towards not repeating the same mistakes?

Actually when we say sorry, we gain a trust stamp from the other party that we will do better next time.

So next time when this happens again, it erases the stamp until we have left the reputation that “our sorry can’t be trusted”. (Everyone has their limit.)

We create a reputation of empty sorrys.. And with it goes the magic.

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Pondering over those habits we hate(sharing to inspire)

It’s pretty easy!

Yes, after pondering on why I have not been able to follow through with almost all the good things I have planned, I concluded that’s its just pretty easy to adopt bad habits.

These habits like “me and my phone forever” is so easy to follow through that it’s just rather frustrating. Also, we have the “I will eat whatever I want habit” which encourages you to enjoy junk food with bliss. Next is the “let me sleep a little” habit which assures you that it’s okay to keep sleeping and there will be more time to do the other tasks later.

So you just chill.

I definitely must not omit the “let’s do this tomorrow” habit, which is the mother of” let me sleep a little”. I must admit this is the key reason why I have been sneaking peeks at exercising for a while now… I will start tomorrow.

I discovered that these habits are fun to do while the others are work. And in reality enjoyment comes first. Who would sacrifice their fun for work?well most people won’t.

Actually, the dictionary arranges them right. then the same dictionary puts achievement before enjoyment. So why don’t we achieve something, enjoy ourselves, jump over failure, take a job and run to success. (I know it’s all alphabetical haha)

I have always believed in tackling things from the root problem. It’s rather hypocritical to just tackle surface problems when you know it won’t last.

In this way, I concluded that we love to do things we like and easily make these things habits, while the others that will inspire growth, we put to the back of the list.

That is if we even have one… You know the list… (kudos to you if you have one)

You notice that acquiring fun, addictive bad habits are easy and rather unconscious, so good and productive habits have to be conscious, consistent and intensive.

You want to write a blog maybe: make a plan, create a schedule, set a date, set an alarm, make post it reminders… Be rigorous

But then what if you forget, you ask… Restart the process: snooze your alarms, write reminders in countless places, set more dates etc until you can fix it into the hub of fun addictive routine that wants to dominate your life.

Be in contact with people who are doing this and let their progress motivate you. I can tell you how I had duolingo (a language app) and never was very serious about it until I received a follower with over 100,000 xps and a streak of almost a 1000 days. Then I decided I can also do this. And I’m proud to say I’m doing it.

Be relentless and try whenever to do something even a little. In between the youtube, movies, Facebook, Instagram, sleeping etc. Start creating a path to success.

Making a good and productive thing become a habit is not easy for some of us maybe because of procrastination, loving our fun activities or love of sleep…

Good things they say don’t come easily.

So from today onwards, let’s make that conscious effort to establish good habits and learn to stick them in place with commitment or maybe love?

The time is now.



What good habits have you managed to keep going and how is this helping your life? Share to inspire