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WHy Create a blog???

I feel  a blog is where I can be able to write and also gain the opinions of others as to whether I should do this or not. We all have something to say that may just be what someone needs to hear at that moment. Sometimes we find ourselves holding back just because maybe we are not that social or we may have some inhibitions, which may actually be really stupid…

Communication is a link between worlds and so in whatever form it comes we need to make use of it.

So I was #justthinking that I think a lot but also I forget a lot. Its actually a bit funny and frustrating. Then why not share those thoughts and get feedback.

So did I really need to create a blog???


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Pondering over those habits we hate(sharing to inspire)

It’s pretty easy!

Yes, after pondering on why I have not been able to follow through with almost all the good things I have planned, I concluded that’s its just pretty easy to adopt bad habits.

These habits like “me and my phone forever” is so easy to follow through that it’s just rather frustrating. Also, we have the “I will eat whatever I want habit” which encourages you to enjoy junk food with bliss. Next is the “let me sleep a little” habit which assures you that it’s okay to keep sleeping and there will be more time to do the other tasks later.

So you just chill.

I definitely must not omit the “let’s do this tomorrow” habit, which is the mother of” let me sleep a little”. I must admit this is the key reason why I have been sneaking peeks at exercising for a while now… I will start tomorrow.

I discovered that these habits are fun to do while the others are work. And in reality enjoyment comes first. Who would sacrifice their fun for work?well most people won’t.

Actually, the dictionary arranges them right. then the same dictionary puts achievement before enjoyment. So why don’t we achieve something, enjoy ourselves, jump over failure, take a job and run to success. (I know it’s all alphabetical haha)

I have always believed in tackling things from the root problem. It’s rather hypocritical to just tackle surface problems when you know it won’t last.

In this way, I concluded that we love to do things we like and easily make these things habits, while the others that will inspire growth, we put to the back of the list.

That is if we even have one… You know the list… (kudos to you if you have one)

You notice that acquiring fun, addictive bad habits are easy and rather unconscious, so good and productive habits have to be conscious, consistent and intensive.

You want to write a blog maybe: make a plan, create a schedule, set a date, set an alarm, make post it reminders… Be rigorous

But then what if you forget, you ask… Restart the process: snooze your alarms, write reminders in countless places, set more dates etc until you can fix it into the hub of fun addictive routine that wants to dominate your life.

Be in contact with people who are doing this and let their progress motivate you. I can tell you how I had duolingo (a language app) and never was very serious about it until I received a follower with over 100,000 xps and a streak of almost a 1000 days. Then I decided I can also do this. And I’m proud to say I’m doing it.

Be relentless and try whenever to do something even a little. In between the youtube, movies, Facebook, Instagram, sleeping etc. Start creating a path to success.

Making a good and productive thing become a habit is not easy for some of us maybe because of procrastination, loving our fun activities or love of sleep…

Good things they say don’t come easily.

So from today onwards, let’s make that conscious effort to establish good habits and learn to stick them in place with commitment or maybe love?

The time is now.



What good habits have you managed to keep going and how is this helping your life? Share to inspire

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Becoming better

Becoming the photocopy of someone else is not the answer.

Yes, you admire them.

You want to be like them.

You even wish you were in their place.

A little envy…

Let your envy push you to become better. Maybe you wish your journey has reached that level. It’s perfectly normal to want to be successful.

However, everyone has their own journey and their own path. Swerving or going off your path will only waste your time.

So instead of wanting to change yourself to become like someone else, become better. Because this is our real essence.

Learning and striving to become a better version of ourselves with each day.

Leaving behind our old skin and wearing a tougher but more comfortable skin is how you understand you are getting there.




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Why you need to hold on (life’s trials)

Feeling deserted, alone, tired, worried because of someone or maybe something? Then listen to this because I assure you that you are not alone.

How many times have you felt so hopeless that you feel you can’t go on?maybe you feel you have disappointed yourself and so you want to just give up. Or even you feel you’ve let people down and that you are worth nothing.

Well, it’s not news that this is life. And in the journey of life, there are no straight paths. The twists, curves and bends are not escapable. And so we must embrace them and make use of our ability to go on. Because we were not put into the battlefield with no tools or weapons. Trust me we all possess them-as different as they may come- it is up to us to make good use of our tools to survive. Each day as it comes.

Surely when you listen to motivational speakers and or life coaches, they do mention the importance of daily habits. Indeed it is how we handle each blessed day that will give the end result.

In this view we must remember that our emotions might dictate for us how we live. And certain occurrences might serve as great catalysts to a bad state. When you feel like not going on. I want you to remember one thing

You have made it this far, so why give up? Push on and do your best and you shall surface again.

For the sea of life is deep, wide and uncertain. The currents may pull us away or the depths might drown us. However we must stay afloat.

One day at a time.

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Confidence/optimism or false assurance

I always try to make sure that I don’t exceed 7 0clock.maybe 7 15 but 7 20/30 is a red light. Because I dread being late.

I think an hour head start is great, to cater for unexpected occurrences that happen in the public transport : traffic jam, car breaking down etc

So it was with a happy heart that I made ready to get into the bus I had finally managed to stop, after almost ten minutes of waiting.

However, I started getting a sinking feeling when the mate(in Ghana, he is in charge of collecting fares for the driver) began calling out to other people. From where I stood I could clearly see that there were not enough seats, but he happily called out to others, assuring them that there were enough seats for everyone.

I managed to grab a seat, which was fortunate for me, but unfortunately for three other people, the bus was full. This because there were only three seats.

This got me thinking how some people have this habit :I wonder if it’s false assurance or optimism.

Sometimes, giving false hope to people really hurts more than them accepting reality.

Yet, there are people who have adopted this habit of assuring people with the highest confidence while they clearly know that what they promise is not possible.

In a lot of cases, this has caused more harm than good. Obviously due to the disappointment associated with false assurance.

I believe telling it as it is can save us us a whole lot of disappointment and bitterness.

So before you make a promise or give an assurance, be sure it is really for the best.

Rather than the worst!

Have you had an experience like this before? Share in the comment section so we can have a discussion.

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Have you had “a mental pat” yet?

Those times, when you believe that you can do better and you are not really satisfied with what you are doing or just annoyed about what you are not doing.

You are also worried other people think the same. So you are always hard on yourself.

But really you can’t be perfect, however you can be perfection for someone.

First step is believe you are good enough.

I believe that everyone has the right amount of flaws and strengths to make them perfect for someone but you need to be perfect with the combo first. Embrace it!

Learn to give yourself mental back pats.

How you do this, I will tell you what I’m thinking…

I will not lie to you but be optimistic while being pessimistic and let optimism rule.

Accept that you have made mistakes but don’t rule out your little achievements.

Count them, tell yourself about them

And that is how you give yourself a mental pat, by appreciating and being happy with you!



#kindof inspired by Ed sheeran’s perfect (been listening to it for the past week😊)


The masks that remain after covid 19

Just this evening I had the displeasure of seeing another disposable mask lying around on the streets and I just felt really sad.

Earlier today, I witnessed a man who had his mask fall down while he was walking, he clearly saw it but just left it and continued on his merry way.

When will our streets stop being a reservoir for filth and litter? For it seems like we keep inventing and making more and more waste while our attitude remains the same.

My heart aches when I envision the future. The uncertainty and the lurking darkness that awaits us if we keep this up.

Why do we refuse to tackle our problems as they come and wait for them to get worse before we begin applying solutions.

It’s no news that with the outbreak of covid came this practice of mask wearing all around the world. To me, it now looks like trying to solve one problem could end up worsening an already bad situation.

I’m talking about the ever present fight against plastic waste both on land and in the sea.

I’m sure you will agree that our lateness in tackling the problem from the onset has caused a great harm to our environment, our home.

Will we wait for masks to also become a global threat before we do the right thing? It is better to keep your mask and dispose it off at home than littering.

Let’s help ourselves and be our brothers keeper. Start doing what is right because charity they say begins at home!

What are your thoughts on this issue. Pls comment with the situation in your country



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Inspiring possibilities(what I learn from J K R)

I wonder how talented someone has to be for them to get a standing ovation from practically the whole world. You know for almost everyone to nod their head in a singular sign of agreement.

Or yet still is it only talent and skills that is needed to garner such a high level of praise?

You might be wondering why I have these thoughts swarming through my head, but believe me I’m just marveled.

I recently joined the great percentage of the world in a standing ovation to the incredible woman JK Rowling is!

I mean how incredibly amazing and Talented J K Rowling is to have put pen to paper to create this phenomenal book series called Harry Potter.

I know this might be old news to some of you but for me its just an affirmation of how original and refreshing it is to read a book even after watching the film version.

Well, I’ve already warned you in my previous post how I gush over things that I love. And I have been bursting to scream my immense love for the Harry Potter book series for months now. Haha

I’ve managed to control myself because I’m yet to complete the whole series. Though I must tell you that with every read,(six out of seven so far) I fall more and more in love with JK Rowling’s writing prowess. And this, without even reading the books in order.

I have really high praise for J K Rowling’s skills. However in more ways than one this makes me think about some things.

What hidden talent are we yet to discover in ourselves?

Because yes! Oh yes! We are capable of doing it too. Doing something marvelous too if we only stay determined and sometimes get a little push or maybe a huge push.

For looking at Ms. Rowling’s past, I believe she was someone who loved literature and writing but didn’t really pursue them. It took some huge events in her past to serve as the push she needed to get there.

You know to have this idea of a young orphaned wizard who goes to a wizardry school to face all this challenges.

She had been a single mother and divorced, lost her mother while living in relative poverty and hence came her inspiration.

I learn a lot from J K Rowling : through her life, her books, talents, her determination and hardwork, I have learnt that you should never lose sight of your dreams and goals.

You might be a procrastinator or maybe an unbeliever, or have low self esteem but do not lose sight of your dreams and goals. For the time will come when you will draw on the great idea and feel that push at your back.

And then, you will be soaring in the clouds.

With millions of pounds to your name and bonus you get to touch someone’s life by being philanthropic and working towards great causes.

It’s possible

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The gift of good health and chocolate

I may not be a professional doctor, nevertheless, since my health is my responsibility, I believe it is a must to be highly vigilant.

I’m the first doctor to my body just by the observance and attention I owe my body and health.

So are you.

Nobody can really love you more than you. Because I think it’s our very first responsibility to appreciate and take care of our bodies.

Thus, we must choose our actions carefully in order to keep the system going.

For your health is indeed your wealth!

In this way, we must be conscious of some practices that might not help execute this duty.

The first of such is the practice of tackling surface problems.: when you have been having a headache for sometime and keep taking painkillers, you will only have momentary relief while the real problem might be underlying.

I recommend adopting the practice of checking our food habits instead because most of our problems come from what we input.

There should be a limit to what we ingest. Let’s remember that too much of everything is bad. Eventhough some foods are recommended, I believe we shouldnt overdo it. We should find the right balance of foods to ensure a healthy body.

Also, we should try to take note of the food habits that do not work well for us and stop it. Some foods might not make you sick but you may feel discomfort or see some minor signs that should tell to take it slow.

It’s not really as easy as it sounds since we almost always want to give ourselves the treats that we desire. However, I believe it’s better to be able to treat yourself with small amounts of chocolates than been told by your doctor to stay of it forever in the future.

Let’s make the right(health) choices today, for a better tomorrow.


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This is why we write

So I have been thinking. I was thinking. I’m still thinking.

There are always a lot of thoughts floating in my head. Thoughts about life, personal development, career, growth, health, environment, books, art, adventure and I can go on and on

Well, that’s why this blog is called just thinking!

Eureka! You got it right.

I wonder if it is a general thing, for a lots of thoughts float through the mind and sometimes it’s not all straight forward to express in words. This is when writing comes in.

It’s like a vessel full of water, while this vessel can expand to accommodate more water, it’s always best to pour out some of this water. Not to pour it away, but to share.

Those thoughts that might bring you closer to someone. Someone with whom you share a collective interest. Who knows maybe a wonderful partnership might happen.

Also, you could be the warm hand of comfort to some one who has a block or has reached a a dead end and your words might carve out a wall for them to go through and go on.

Alternatively, you could be the push that someone needs to break through the shackles holding them down.

I want to be that: the partner, the wall, the breaker..

Where through someone’s words I have found treasure, I want to be a part of this. A place where people grow, fly, smile and become better just from the power of good words.

And this is why we write.

I’m always glad to be a part of this family, appreciating the writer and also the reader.


Respect on demand


Let me tell you about respect. What really does it mean.

Growing up every child must have come across this word a lot of times: respect your parents, respect your teachers, respect your elders… Well in general we were to never forget to respect..

And indeed respect is very important. But did we really understand it and all that it encompasses?

Generally, when dealing with adults, we were to not talk back, shout or disobey. And in this way, we associate respect with adults or older people.

However, was it the best way to learn, when sometimes the people who demand respect from us do not show us respect, nor teach us to respect each other, our friends or those younger than us.

Even worse, in some scenarios, we are demanded to respect while we only see rudeness around us. And in such cases we might adopt what we see rather than what we are being told.

For the best way to teach good behaviour and morals is by example.

Fast forward into adulthood, and we meet people who have grown up not understanding this concept too. Maybe worse than ever encountered.

People who are in positions of superiority and demand respect while they treat people badly. People who expect angellike behaviour when they treat others without regard and understanding.

As I have evolved, I have found out that respect is also seeing your employee and acknowledging them, returning things you borrow from people who have trusted you with it, holding your part of a bargain.

Adapting the attitude of consideration and high regard with everyone brings peace, harmony and happiness as everyone embraces their roles; for respect is reciprocal.

And also let’s remember that to be able to demand respect, we also have to earn it~ the way we treat people. Not forgetting the ones watching from behind.