It’s going to be alright (motivation starter pack for 2022)

It’s going to be alright.

I just want to tell you this.

Life is not a walk in the park. No-one has it easy.

Everyone is faced with one struggle or the other.

These days when I see people I wonder about their stories:what they are going through and what they have been through..

I also wonder how they have made it this far. And I think it’s praiseworthy to acknowledge that you have made it from your first cry out of the womb to today.

How old are you really?


There are struggles, pains, hurts, misunderstanding, disappointments, betrayals etc.

Amazingly we keep moving. Hoping for a better tomorrow. A day when the sun will be brighter and dreams will be within our grasp.

That day will come.

Some days it really feels like a chore to go through life. But if we didn’t make it through those, we wouldn’t be there to have those stomach clenching laughter with our family or those late night chatting with a sister or brother. The bad days also count to create the balance.

Just keep on keeping on.

You are not alone.

Happy entrance into 2022!

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This generation, and the next…

The habits, the direction, the Cycle have changed.

A new age is born.

The age of ease, lethargy, speed-the fast life

Indeed we are enjoying the advantages at the expense of the disadvantages we choose not to notice or acknowledge.

This generation is the generation of ease : easy gains-that’s what we want.

Children of nowadays don’t respect.

The youth of nowadays are lazy.

Children of nowadays don’t appreciate what they have.

Among others…

Well it hurts but it’s mostly true

We are a generation of shortcuts, time managers, internet etc

We save time for the important stuff which we really don’t care about so we don’t really do;well

We want to make everything easy. Everyone wants to be the one to make things easier better..

And so we have electrical egg boiler, dish washers, battery operated tooth brush idk to make everything easier.

But is it always better?

At what cost do we sacrifice the old ways?

Because the greatest harm can come from a good intention.

Patience is an old word for some. Hardwork is a long road for others. They take the shortcuts. Thinking that their strength will magically develop when they are faced with the consequences of bad choices.

How we just wait for everything to be delivered to us.. Then set schedules to go for walk(which procrastinators forget)

The natural way merges with everything but then we split everything and end up finding time to do them.

How scary will the coming generations be?

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WHy Create a blog???

I feel  a blog is where I can be able to write and also gain the opinions of others as to whether I should do this or not. We all have something to say that may just be what someone needs to hear at that moment. Sometimes we find ourselves holding back just because maybe we are not that social or we may have some inhibitions, which may actually be really stupid…

Communication is a link between worlds and so in whatever form it comes we need to make use of it.

So I was #justthinking that I think a lot but also I forget a lot. Its actually a bit funny and frustrating. Then why not share those thoughts and get feedback.

So did I really need to create a blog???


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(Contemplating creation the series) RAIN

Part 1

I literally saw the rain coming and the feeling…

You ask?

The feeling was amazing and wonderful.

It cannot possibly be explained how the rain came from different directions and met, scattered and fell.

Under my umbrella I wowed at how on my left I could see the rain falling in the distance with higher intensity. But where I stood, it had practically just began… It drizzled half heartedly.

Until a swarm of lineal droplets, I noticed were headed my way. Right Infront of me. I advanced to meet it as it pelted the hard ground infront of me, towards me. It was the shower on my umbrella that confirmed that the rain had come.

It was a beautiful experience. It always is!

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Depths (on being true to your true self.)

What I didn’t know, I asked

Sometimes I didn’t ask

But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t told

I heard but did I listen?

I needed to think to listen.

For it plays like a music on repeat in my mind.

I question what I know.

It might be wrong.

Or maybe I might be the wrong

No one ever asked

Why I never asked

Maybe I had found an answer

Or I didn’t need one

Yet, this music is on replay

Making me ask questions:

Questions about depths

Do they only see the surface?

What of the depths that holds the surface sturdy?

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The least you and I can do

This is absurd! But I will still say it.

I was lounging on my bed like I do half of the time when I came up with one of my ridiculously delicious analogies.

I came up with this concept: when you can’t lift a finger to do anything, then it means you have procrastinated to the level where you are practically “stuck” in bed!

Now, wait a minute. It’s not the way you are thinking haha

Because I promise I got out of bed this morning. I sure did. I even did my chores. I ate…

So now you see, it’s not verrry bad

Okay so now you must be thinking then what’s the problem, right?

The problem as I have discovered it, is the routine, the lack of novelty and personal progress. I’m practically just surviving. That is I do what I need to do, there’s no icing on my cake as I’m putting it..

Yh we are adults and we need to do some things. So I do what I need to do but I find that I’m not doing what I want to do. (what I love to do or would love to do)

This is sad and frustrating because for some of us, as soon as we feel we are surviving, we are okay. We slack on looking for contentment. You know the “wow” factor.

We let our passions take back stage and can’t lift a finger to even start a personal project. Then it becomes haunting.

The worse could be when we start to sacrifice our weekend for chores and end up procrastinating on the little pleasures.

So was I frozen in this bubble when I happen to read a post here on wordpress(Awake your inner dragon-The power of nature walks)

I thought to myself what’s the least I can do but walking and enjoying the natural breeze of the creator.

I’m definitely in agreement that being indoors, stifles creativity and that again is one thing I must conquer.

Reading the post I made a mental note to go out more in nature as the writer recommends. But for starters, I decided to get off my butt and step outside, for the first time today and enjoy a stimulating and refreshing walk.

That’s the least I can do right now…



I imagine a fruit in my mind’s eye, a mango most specifically. Maybe it’s because mango it’s in season here in Ghana. Well I don’t know why🤔😁

But maturing. This word brings to mind the little green mango that was actually a flower: a fluffy weightless flower with no form(ofcourse beautiful) that turns into this solid embryo shaped green fruit, that keeps growing bigger and bigger. Until it’s juicy and yellow and sweet!

I admit: I do love mangoes.

Maturing is actually ripening. However people ripen to get old and wrinkly while people mature to become strong and wise👏

Now that we know what I am picturing, let’s brainstorm on maturing. Maturing is really just become better(put a full stop here pls) or trying and striving to be better. (you know you should clean the full stop right????)

These past few days my mind has been on how we mature. Mainly from my experience and other things in general.

First of all, you need to know that maturing is not just adding age. Although, it’s the driving force, it doesn’t cause it.

Maturing is really a decision just like everything else. You decide to mature either through your experiences – planned or unplanned-you decide to be a better you.

This can be done in many ways, among which I will mention few(bcos I’m not into long blog posts) (or I’m #justthinking really)

Anyway number one is to let go. Let go of the petty things you give a big room to in your mind. Clear the space and be more accepting. Accept that you can’t do everything or you can’t force everything. Sometimes just go with the flow.

Secondly, be good to yourself. You know nurture yourself like how farmers nurture plants to grow. Give yourself treats and have you had a mental pat yet?(find out more about mental pats by reading the post I wrote on it) Start giving yourself these. Don’t wait on expectations, just keep working it. When something good happens, it’s a big bonus.

Also, think about the just do it phenomenon. Actually, I have been meditating on this myself. I read somewhere that we should always say yes to opportunities before giving ourselves the chance to maybe say no.

For it is true that the fear of failure limits us. But what if we just do it…

The worst thing that could happen is failure.

And failure they say yields experience and knowledge.

I should end here the waves of my thoughts are calm. Until the next stormy…. One?

(to be continued sometime in the future)

Thank you for your time. #stayinspired


I don’t have any resolutions! (how bad is it?)

The thing about new year resolutions is they are so expected. And everyone does it. This is where we draw the contrast I really don’t like doing “expected”.

Some new years past, I would receive a call from my best friend asking to talk about resolutions. We shared “plans”(just because I’m not really a planner). I just have things I “want” to do.

We got to discuss our lives so far and what we would love to achieve in the new year. I want to achieve these things but then a resolution can be made any day. As soon as you get the inspiration to do it.

Getting to the end of the year last year, i experienced a lot of eye opening events that made me resolve to do some things. I couldn’t very well wait for the new year to decide to better my life.

Even as I say this, I see why people wait for the new year to make resolutions. I guess it has become kind of a tradition. You can try it and it won’t hurt anyone. Also you get to do it with others and this can increase the chances of accomplishment. You get to check up on each other and see that you are making the effort needed to get there.

So as the topic reads I don’t have any resolutions. I don’t see the use mostly. I would rather wait and have epiphanies any day and make a decision on what I want to do.

This year I didn’t even try to talk to my friend or anyone. I just forgot to try or just don’t follow the gist.

But to those who follow the tradition hold on tight.

How important are new year resolutions really? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

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The truth about making mistakes.

I don’t take risks.

Well, you know… Because it’s risky.

Isn’t it good to sieve everything thing through your mind and choose the one with the best possible outcome that suits everyone?


However, sadly nothing like that really exists.: life is a compromise. We try and try until we win.

Even the non risk takers do try. Because going out of your house is a risk. Since no one knows what might happen. You might get hit by a truck or perhaps you might meet your best friend.

Nothing is fixed. There’s no fixed equation. It might work or it might not work. But when we decide to try we find out.

We make mistakes. And we’re afraid. However the truth about mistakes is if you don’t make them, you might not get to be corrected.

Those who have the courage to make mistakes learn the fastest and receive the greatest rewards.

For like every good thing in life, it is full of strife.

Take a student learning a language for instance, mistakes can earn you a bucket full of laughter or a nickname for life. Not forgetting the self consciousness.

Some mistakes might cost you a great deal in life, at work, relationships etc. Yet the one who picks him or herself up and recognizes this as what it is is a winner;

A learning experience!

Let’s ask ourselves today, how willing we are to make mistakes

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Something I love

This is just kind of a poem about diaries that I love a lot. Here goes:

People wonder why someone will collect diaries?

To me, diaries are beautiful

And they are records.

Actually they are memories that are beautiful

They are lessons that we learnt

They are feelings that are hidden-hidden in plain sight-

They bring you close – not to someone else-but to yourself

Who you are

Your dreams, aspirations, your pains, regrets, happiness.

All those extraordinary and beautiful /sad memories that are all you.